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#urinetown my one true love (at Apollo Theatre)

The Play That Goes Wrong - Review [28th September 2014]

Ever since walking briefly past the marquee for this play I had been intrigued to go and see it; not only because there are a lack of plays on in the West End but also because it sounded like just a fantastic farce play and boy was it!

Think of it as an amateur company putting on The Mousetrap and everything going… well wrong! [Spoilers(?!) Ahead] The set falls apart, the leading actress gets knocked out, lines are forgotten, actors bow to the audience after laughs, its such a hilarious train wreck!

I particularly enjoyed Charlie Russell, Henry Shields and Nancy Wallinger’s performances, but really there wasn’t anyone who wasn’t funny and just side splitting. Despite the play relying on slapstick for the entire duration of the show it never got old as the mishaps varied slightly every time and just kept on getting funnier.

A return visit is a certainty, and with tickets as cheap as £20 YES PLEASE!

(Also: when I went the lady at the box office was really kind and upgraded my seat to centre stalls row C! She said my previous seat was ‘restricted viewing’ (which I was aware of) and said ‘I’ll move you’, I won’t sat no to that!)

i don’t have a show booked to see tomorrow or any plans to do so and that really upsets me 

the streak is over :-( i must save the moneys

Just got back from seeing Urinetown and oh my gosh amazing as always

i think i finally understand how the RENTheads and fansies feel ah i love it so damn much!

opening night of urinetown tonight! i am so ready and excited to watch!!



agony! / oh, the torture they teach! / what’s as intriguing- / or half so fatiguing- / as what’s out of reach?

One of the funniest things ive seen #ThePlayThatGoesWrong #theatre (at Duchess Theatre)

oh my god The Play The Goes Wrong is absolutely hilarious! A return visit is a definite because it was just amazing AND the real nice lady at the box office upgraded my seat for me when I got there to three rows from the front!

More on it later but yeah I am so pumped gah theATRE

Miss Saigon - Review [28th September 2014, Evening]

Similar to Once, I was skeptical about going to see this show; the mega musical operetta’s are not really my thing, but I was still looking forward to seeing the lost mega musical; Miss Saigon. 

The physical production was incredible; I can’t remember the last time I saw such a spectacle on stage, I mean the set was so impressive. The lighting design was beautiful (especially in The Movie in my Mind) and so it was a beautiful production to watch.

While the melodies were soaring and wonderful, the lyrics we often very clunky and cringe worthy (I’m talking about Why God Why?). And the pacing of the show was so sporadic; with Les Miserables I can sort of forgive that they have allot to get through, but in this show we don’t. Chris and Kim falling in love didn’t even happen, they just did, so I found it really difficult to get behind anything Chris said about loving Kim. And then all of a sudden BOOM he’s with Ellen?! I know that three years passed and that was covered well (in Les Mis the time jumps are barely acknowledged) but could we not have had a small song to cover Chris meeting her?

Which sort of brings me to  another point; clearly the composers have not heard of ‘leave them wanting more’, as so many songs went on for far too long, there were quite a few songs about 3/4 into it I was drifting off slightly which was a shame.

And the opening of act two, while I praise the rest of the staging and movement which was exquisite, was so out of place and odd. The projections of the children really took me out of the moment and it looked more like a modern day live8 concert I did not appreciate it. 

I had higher hopes for Alistair Brammer as Chris, I could not get behind his character at all and frankly his performance just reminded me of how much of an idiot/ lier Chris is. While it’s obvious that he is more than vocally good (and reminded me of Aaron Tveit) the constant vibrato was rather distracting.

Eva Noblezada was a beautiful Kim and gave a very good performance. Her emotions really came through when talking about Chris and I really felt for her.

The Engineer, played by Jon Jon Briones was a very strange character and, for me, John Jon’s performance did not make me like the loveable-smarmy character I think it was written to be. (And why did he bow last? A vanity thing I know but very strange it wasn’t Kim)

Would I see it again? Probably not on my own out of choice, but yes with other people because it was a great story and spectacle production that rivals.